In The News - May 2018

I hope May was great all around!

There was a LOT of stage manager news this month - here are the highlights -

There is a NEW stage management book called Whenever You're Ready written by Shawn DeSouza-Coelho, following the career of Canadian stage manager Nora Polley.

The Chicago Tribune featured a short interview with Illinois stage manager Helen Lattayk and News-Herald in Michigan featured stage manager Jenn Jacobs and her work on The King and I.

London stage manager Phil Barrett gives excellent advice on The Stage:

My advice to anyone starting out is if you keep a calm, cool and professional head, you can operate and stage-manage a show of any size even at short notice. Use what you learn, be kind and everything will be fine.
— Phil Barrett

Dany Guy wrote an wonderful production manager job description on Whyy.

And, Broadway World posted a video of Pretty Woman stage manager Thomas Recktenwald discussing his work on the production!

SM Hack 2: Turn the Page

A quick SM Hack for today -

When working on a script that is still receiving updates/changes from the creative team, print new pages on a different color of pastel printer paper. Monday's new pages can be on pink paper, Tuesday's on green, and so on. This allows for a quick, visual way to ensure everyone is working off the same, updated script. Keep a log of what colors went with what days and, as always, remember to add the date to the bottom of the script!