More Career Options

Good news - the skills of a stage manager are highly useful in COUNTLESS job fields! There are the traditional options, like working at theatres across the country, and alternate options, such as managing corporate events and weddings. The possibilities are vast and endless. I'm going to explain some of the popular theatre career paths.

Dance & Opera

Dance & Opera stage management is incredibly similar to theatrical stage management, requiring a near identical skill set. Since Dance and Opera are not under AEA jurisdiction, the stage manager will work on an AGMA contract (if the production is union).

If interested in pursuing Dance or Opera stage management, one should be able to:

Here's the excellent "Guide to Opera Stage Management" written by Lee Molnar

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks, like Disneyland and Universal Studios, have regular performances and therefore employee stage managers.





Television shows use stage managers, too! However, a stage manager on a television show is often more of a traffic and schedule coordinator and less of a show caller. With the recent popularity of live musicals filmed for television, TV stage managers and theatre stage managers are working together in new, collaborative ways.


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