Stage Manager's Kit

A stage manager brings many items to rehearsals and performances - items to enhance safety, comfort, and productivity.

Do you need to have all of these things? Definitely not! This list is a comprehensive master list based on my kit, other people’s kits, and odd items I’ve found myself needing while stage managing! And note, a LOT of this items can be found at local dollar stores!

Health & Safety



Minor Injuries

Over the Counter Medication

NOTE: It is important to check with your venue regarding their OTC medication policies - some venues do not allow SMs to give out OTC medications! Whenever you give someone an OTC medication, make SURE to remind them to read the instructions.

Personal Care

Why do we have personal care supplies? Simply put: people forget them/lose them/didn’t think to bring them!
If YOU have these items, you’re able to instantly solve problems as they arise!

Dental Care

Eye Care

Hair Care

Hand & Nail Care

Body Care

  • Bar Soap (also - I tend to grab extras when I stay in a hotel!)

  • Deodorant

  • Feminine Products

  • Q-tips

Office Supplies

PRO TIP: Only give out supplies that you wouldn’t mind losing!

Supplies for Everyone

Production Book Supplies

Note-Taking Supplies

Supplies for Labeling / Marking

Organizational Supplies

Tools & Tech




PRO TIP: You can spray vodka mixed w/ water on costumes to remove odors!



PRO TIP - LABEL EVERYTHING with your name!


  • Plastic Cutlery

  • Febreze (I’ve found this to be VERY useful!)